Friday, June 29, 2012

To meet the family....

So tomorrow I'm getting on a plane, and taking someone home with me to meet the family.....for the first time in 13 years.  Have you any idea how fucking terrifying that prospect is??  The last time I took someone home, it didn't turn out so well.  Anyway, I'm excited and full of trepidation when it comes to pulling that trigger these days.  I love Eric, and he knows it, even if nobody ever says anything to that effect.  And after 2+ years, it's time he meet the really important people in my life.  He already knows my mom and the man who has become my dad, but it's time to meet (cue horror music) my Grandma.  You know, the feisty little old lady who lives on the farm.  The one who is everything a grandma should be, knowledgeable, a little saucy, full of stories, who loves me no matter how it's been since we talked, and who will always give me a huge hug and a smile when I walk through the door.  Granted, it's still hard for me to go home and not have my Paps sitting there to greet me, but she's enough for me.

Meeting Grandma Staker means a news broadcast across the family that Rebekah has moved on.  That she's brought home some tall, skinny, handsome, super smart, charming guy who is at least 1,000 times better than the last pitiful excuse for a man she brought home (that would be the margaritas typing).  I digress.  I told Eric that she's kind of like the Godfather of the family.  Once she meets you, she calls everyone else.  Including my aunt whose daughter (my 1st cousin) still hangs out with my ex and his ugly, fat girlfriend.  But if you manage to get Grandma Staker to like you, who cares what the rest of the family thinks, because her word is kind of final.  If she doesn't like you, you're fucked.  Bottom line. 

Then there's my other mother of sorts, Betty Jo, and the kids that I adore more than any other living beings on this earth.  While they're not my children, they're my babies, nonetheless, as I was there to hear their birthing calls, just like their mother was.  I watched them grow, and walk, and lose teeth, and turn into amazing, brilliant, beautiful young men and a lady.  What they think of Eric is extremely important to me.  They're the closest thing to children I may ever have, and so what they have to say carries tremendous weight with me.  They loved Michael, and he loved them.  And I don't wish for them to be disappointed again with all my being.  And so I've waited a long time to bring anyone back into their lives on my behalf.  I owe it to them to bring home a good person who won't disappoint us a family. 

So here I sit, in a slight bit of denial over the situation.  I"m getting on a plane tomorrow and taking someone home with me for the first time in over 2 years.  That's some scary stuff.  But in true Eric and Rebekah fashion, it'll probably much ado about nothing because obviously I'm amazing and he's amazing, otherwise, why would we be together?? It's just time to let the rest of world in on that little secret.  ;)