Monday, July 13, 2009

I'll have just an XL Please!

Saturday I went and weighed in, and found that I had gained 4.4#, and was totally demoralized over the whole damn thing. Then, I decided to go to the Track Shack and get my new running shoes, even though I knew I couldn't afford them.....While I was there, I decided to try on a pair of compressions shorts.

There is a back story here. About 6 weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Moving Comfort Woman compression shorts from The TS. Much to my dismay, I got all excited for nothing, becasue MC decided to discontinue the plus size line! The guy on the phone said, "Well, you can try on the regular ones". In my brain, I said, "LIKE HELL AM I GONNA FIT IN THOSE!". In the meantime, I kept running in my long shorts from Target that are now too big, and bunch and chafe in all the wrong plance. Fast forward to Saturday.

While waiting for my shoes, I thought I'd try on a pair of the regular Moving Comfort compression shorts. An XL is sooooo tiny! I literally said to my husband, "There's no way my ass is gonna fit in these things". Technically, the XL fits a 14/16, and so with my synical attitude, I managed to squeeze my assets into these tiny, little shorts! As I came out of the fitting room, one of my running friends saw me and gave the the biggest hug. "I'm so proud of you", she said, "most people say they're gonna do this, and never do. You're actually doing it. You don't need the big girl sizes anymore." And then I realized it: I'm a runner, an almost average size runner who can now walk into almost any running store and buy something on the racks. HOLY SHIT!
So, I left with my new shorts and my new shoes(I love the smell of new running shoes), determined to try them both out on my long run.

Yesterday, I poured myself into those shorts, laced up my new shoes, and admired how nice and firm my ass seemed to look. I started my run, and realized that the shorts don't move! As in, they're so tight, that they can't move! Awesome! No need to pull them back down when I stop to walk or try to pull the wedgie out in a not so obvious manner. After my run, I decided I would like some more shorts.

This morning, I called the TS, and said I'd like to order 2 more pair of these compression shorts. The guy said, "Well, what size do you need?" My response, "I'll just take an XL please." What he didn't know is how happy I was on the other end of the phone not having to explain what they look like and what size equivalent I'm looking for. It felt so good to just say I'll just take an XL, please.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reality Bites

The last 3 weeks of my life have been HELL! Between the husband getting FIRED, and having bills up to my ass, I've been drowning in reality. The reality of my life is hard. Harder than it's ever been. And I've tried to keep my chin up, and keep my spirits high. I've tried to workout religiously, and have succeded in some ways. But, my old food habits have come back to get me. The reality is, that as much as I want to say that I have learned to take my stresses out at the gym, being broke doesn't make it easy to make good food choices. Bread is cheap, pizza is cheap, ice cream is cheap. And the 4th of July WEEKEND(not just the day, but the whole damn 3 days), was a disaster.

Today, I realized that the stress of my life, my reality is sucking the life out of me. Everything I've spend the last 10 months working at, is in danger of being lost because I can't manage my stress eating. I haven't been sleeping, so I haven't had the energy to workout as hard as I normally do, so I haven't been burning as much as normal. But, I've been eating more, way more. Shaving my points, and being dishonest about my intake. The fruit of that is a 4.4# gain.

I'm so pissed at myself. But, in the 30 some odd weeks I've been doing WW, I've only gained 3 weeks. I needed this kick in the ass to help me get out of my funk. I'm so over the stress, and the food. This week, I'm kicking my own ass.