Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To walk A mile in their shoes

There is a lot going on in my life right now.  In fact, so much is happening, most days I just hold on for dear life and ride the waves.  One of the biggest projects I've ever undertaken is launching a website.  Part of that is putting together some cute stuff to sell.  Who knew designing T-shirts would be so much work!  But, I found an awesome, creative, and extremely patient woman to work with me and create some custom designs just for my page.  Without Susan, I would have pulled my hair out by now.

As I uploaded the images tonight, an overwhelming sense of excitement hit me.  And then as the comments started coming in, another feeling hit me: nostalgia.  I had created all the cute shirts that fit "average" people.  Even after losing 100#, I'm still an XL in many shirts.  It dawned on me that I'd not searched for an acceptable alternative for my plus size crew of followers.

That wave of nostalgia hit me like bricks in the face.  I have vivid memories of wishing I was small enough to fit in the "regular" size shirts that were always so damn cute.  Memories of hating myself because I really wanted that shirt to fit.  Memories of hating the clothes makers for not being more considerate.  It dawned on me that for a moment, I'd forgotten where I'd come from.  

Yes, I'm an athlete now.  Yes, if you didn't know my story, you might not know I've lost a 12 year old off my body.  Yes, from time to time I forget how much it used to hurt to be fat, fluffy, chubby, pleasantly plump...all of the above.  And I know not everyone feels the same way I did about my body when I was 300#.  Some of you are far more confident and accepting of yourselves than I ever was, for that you're my heroes. 

I want everyone who follows this page to feel welcome and accepted; and I apologize for leaving you out.  As soon as I can I'm fixing my oversight.  Because unlink many people in the fitness world, I have walked a mile in your shoes.  I know what it's like to just want something that fits, and want to fit in with the rest of the world.  I know what it's like to feel left out by the rest of the world, too.  So for all of you who are walking your miles in plus size shoes, keep walking.  I'm making you a damn freaking cute shirt to help you stay on this  journey!

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